• Tinctures Formulated from our ultra-clean CBD and suspended in refined coconut oil, Colorado Clean CBD Tinctures are a fast, versatile and portable way to get sweet relief. Add this pleasant-tasting liquid to food or drinks, or simply place a few drops under your tongue to quickly alleviate pain, stress and sleeplessness. Keep a bottle at home, in the car and on the job for help when and where you need it. Prepared without any added alcohol, our tinctures are ideal for users of all ages. 
      • Colorado Clean CBD Tinctures are available in strengths of 300mg (1oz /30ml), 500mg (1oz/30ml) and 1000mg (10z/30ml)
    • CBD for Pets – Is Sparky a little skittish? Does Lightning hate thunder? Is Dodger not quite as limber as she used to be? Our four-legged family members often need the same relief that we do, and we’re here to help!Our Colorado Clean CBD Tincture for Pets can help chill an anxious pet and provide pain and joint stiffness relief to our older pals, all without harmful side effects. A few drops, placed under the tongue or combined with food or water will do the trick. Veterinarian-formulated and manufactured using the same strict production standards as the rest of our products, you can feel comfortable and confident knowing that your pet can also live life beautifully, and safely.
      • Colorado Clean CBD Tinctures for Pets are available in strengths of 300mg (1oz/30ml) – Chicken Liver Flavor
      • Pet Capsules 10MG (qty 30) 


    • 2 Ounce Salve – Sometimes a little salve is the best path to salve-ation. The pace of everyday life at times takes its toll on our minds and our bodies. We play as hard as we work, and our muscles need a little pampering every now and then. That’s where we come in. Colorado Clean 2 Ounce Salve delivers soothing relief to tense, inflamed muscles and smells great too! Going beyond pain and tension relief, our salves are also great for your skin, and have even been shown to ease eczema symptoms. Rub in a bit of this light, luxurious salve and give your muscles the indulgence they deserve. Colorado Clean CBD 2 Ounce Salve is available in 250mg and 500mg. 

    • Capsules – If you’re looking for a more traditional way of adding CBD to your daily routine, just add our Capsules to your vitamin and supplement regimen and you’re good to go. These easy-to-swallow, easy-to-digest capsules contain a blend of pesticide-free organic hemp oil and 100% organic CBD, assuring you of a clean and pleasant experience. Vegan? No problem, so are we! One word of advice; Capsules will dissolve in the stomach and absorb into the bloodstream a bit faster than a tablet, and therefore take effect more rapidly.
      • Colorado Clean CBD Capsules are available in 25mg or 50mg (qty 30)


    • Water-Soluble CBD – Are you a smoothie person, or are you more of a chai aficionado? We’re partial to both. Whatever your beverage of choice might be, Colorado Clean Water-Soluble CBD powder mixes in perfectly with your drink - and with your life. This nearly flavorless powder dissolves completely into whatever liquid you choose, giving you an on-the-go way to bring some serenity and focus to your busy day. And when your day out in the world draws to a close, adding some Colorado Clean Water-Soluble CBDtoyour favorite beverage will smooth out any remaining rough edges and usher you into a peaceful, calm, relaxing evening.
      • Colorado Clean Water-Soluble CBD is available in a 1,5000mg (1oz /30ml) 

      • Serenity Lotion UseColorado Clean CBD Serenity Lotion, for a healthful, luxurious path to bright and vibrant skin. Make our Serenity Lotion a part of your daily skincare ritual and you will soon see the amazing results - your skin will be soft and supple, with that “bounce-back” elasticity you might remember from days gone by. Serenity Lotion’s regenerative power comes from an exclusive blend of our clean, pure CBD and Raw Hemp, Neem, Menthol Crystals, Grape Seed Oil, Camphor Essential Oil and Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil. Add some coconut, lime and verbena for an invigorating lift and you’ve got radiant skin, balance and healing in the palm of your hand...literally. Serenity Now! 


        • Colorado Clean Serenity Lotion is available in 250mg strength. 8z bottle 


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