About Us

Hello and welcome to Modern Restoratives!

I’m Catherine, wife, mother of two young girls, proud owner/entrepreneur, and your intrepid guide to all hemp-based products.

In 2018, I created Modern Restoratives with the desire to make life easier and healthier for as many people as possible through the use of the highest quality, most effective, safe, organic hemp-based products on the market. I wanted to make it simple and easy for health-conscious people everywhere to find a variety of hemp-based specialty beauty and health products all in one place.

Our Roots

We are based in Colorado, where our lifestyle embraces the outdoors and natural wellness, which includes nutritional supplements that are sourced locally and organically. In our family, we have first-hand experience with the benefits of hemp-based products, and we are excited to help you, your family, and friends share in the Modern Restoratives lifestyle. Take good care and Nurture You.

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